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92 Bird Street, Newcastle

Telephone: 034 315 4003

Facsimilie: 086 710 8997


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Governance: Committee Members:
This branch is managed by the Provincial Board.

Management Structure and Staff Member Profile:
The Branch is managed by the Provincial Director. Staff members include an administrator, social work manager, a social worker, a driver, care attendants, cleaners, a gardener, house mother and a part-time nurse.

Social Work Services including:
• Case work, group work and community work;
• Loan of assistive devices/wheelchairs;
• Awareness on various disability issues in various areas;
• Annual Sports Day
The Newcastle Residential Facility houses 25 physically challenged adults. The residents attend a craft training workshop daily where they are taught to make a variety of crafts which are sold to the public. A social worker offers counselling and support to the residents. A large part of the social workers time is allocated to several outreach projects in the rural areas surrounding Newcastle.

Areas of Operation include:
Manzana , Kilbarchan, Dicks Halte, Normandien and Ballengeich.

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